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Dr. Diego Busiol is a certified Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist (specialized in Psychoanalysis) with over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health. He operates a private practice in Central, Hong Kong. He loves his job.

Education and Early Career

Dr. Busiol obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in Italy, followed by a rigorous four-year degree in Psychotherapy, also in Italy. He began his career in various psychiatric community residences, gaining invaluable experience in addressing severe mental health issues.

Transition to Hong Kong

In 2010, Dr. Busiol moved to Hong Kong to pursue a PhD, focusing his research on the presence and development of psychoanalysis in the region. During this time, he also established his private practice. His training is deeply rooted in the psychoanalytic traditions of Freud and Lacan, yet he is highly sensitive to cultural differences and the evolving clinical manifestations of new symptoms.

Publications and Contributions

Dr. Busiol has made significant contributions to the academic and clinical understanding of psychoanalysis. He has authored two books on psychoanalysis for Routledge and has published numerous articles in blogs, books, and journals.

Approach and Philosophy

Inspired by psychoanalysis but far from dogmatic, Dr. Busiol is attuned to social and cultural transformations and the unique needs of the diverse populations he serves. His extensive clinical and life experience allows him to approach new situations with flexibility and without prejudice. He remains deeply interested in both classical clinical issues and the contemporary challenges in the field of mental health.




Doctor of Philosophy
Department of Applied Social Studies (Counseling), City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, 2010-2013
Thesis: Is Psychoanalysis missing from counseling in Hong Kong? 在香港的心理輔導中,心理分析是否遺漏了呢?

Psychoanalytic Training

Freudian Laboratory for Psychotherapist Training (Laboratorio freudiano per la formazione degli psicoterapeuti)
Laboratorio Freudiano Milano
Milan, Italy, 2006-2010


Clinical Psychology, MA
University of Turin
Italy, 1997-2003

Philipps-Universität Marburg
Germany, 2001-2002



  • Licensed psychologist in Italy, 2004
  • Licensed psychotherapist in Italy, 2010

Fellowships, Teaching, Professional and Community Activities

  • National Board of Psychologists and Psychotherapists (Piedmont, Italy), 2004
  • Associate Fellow of The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA), 2017
  • Psychoanalytic Association "Tracce Freudiane", Turin, Italy, 2003


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